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Help us save Asian elephants! Your contributions will go directly towards rescuing and care of Asian elephants in Thailand and Cambodia. Lek has provided us with a "wish list" to help her thrive and with funds raised we aim to buy a parcel of land which we will call, "Banana Acres" and allow Lek to rescue even more elephants. This land will be purchased in the name of everyone who donates. In addition, funds will go towards a mobile health clinic so that Lek and her team can provide care for those that she cannot personally rescue. We are also raising funds to help Lek and David Casselman expand the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary. Funds raised will go towards rescuing elephants in Cambodia as well as for an X-ray machine to provide care for injured elephants. 


Love & Bananas is sponsored by the Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) donor-directed non-profit. All donations are tax deductible up to 50%. For more information please visit

For those writing a check please write the check to Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation with "Love and Bananas" in the 'memo' section and mail to:

Love & Bananas Movie Fund

14 Thompson Ct. 

Irvine CA 92617

There is plenty of work to be done and we look forward to engaging with anyone who has any interest in helping us on our mission.  Share us, tweet us, email us, and let's help create a brighter future for our elephants friends!