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Love & Bananas is sponsored by the Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) donor-directed non-profit. All donations are tax deductible up to 50%. For more information please visit

Help us raise awareness for the hardship facing the Asian Elephant. Your contributions will go directly toward the creation of this film, elephant rescue, and education. This film is being produced by Ashley Bell and Change For Balance Productions and being directed by Ashley Bell.  For interest in receiving a tax credit for a donation please contact us directly.  Please write "Love and Bananas" in the 'add special instruction to seller' section. Thank you!

There is plenty of work to be done and we look forward to engaging with anyone who has any interest in helping us on our mission.  Share us, tweet us, email us, and let's help create a brighter future for our elephants friends.


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Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA.